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Imposter Syndrome Tips

Imposter Syndrome Tips

Imposter SyndromeImposter Syndrome TipsBy Esme FilsingerPublished on Nov 15, 2018I’ve done the research and found the top 5 tips to

How to take criticism and feedback and make it positive

How to take criticism and feedback and make it positive

Taking Criticism & FeedbackA five step process to handle criticism and feedback in professional work situations. Learn how to benefit

Networking Tips for Confidence

Networking Tips for Confidence

Networking TipsTop 5 Networking Hacks for ConfidenceBy Esme FilsingerPublished on Sep 24, 2018How to make the most out of a


“I love to nerd out on productivity and confidence skills. I honestly used

to be a hot mess, and I have come so far that if you had told me how 

organised I could become even two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you! I love geeking out on 

research (dayummmm, references!) and making it digestible and understandable.


I also really reeeeally love exploring different approaches to mindset, emotional wellbeing and how to develop clarity of process. I want to help you get that delicious transformational experience, allowing you to become the successful business person that you know you are inside!

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